The HeadPhillow!
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Here are some exciting details about our product and upcoming campaign launch to get you pumped!

Over the 6 months, Get To Sleep Easy has been hard on work, creating the First Ever Walking Frame which will come TO YOU, as well as a $200 Hospital Bed Alternative, that reduces your chance of pneumonias and pressure sores, alerts caretakers and nurses when someone has likely fallen, and can even alert someone when a loved one has stopped breathing! 

Check out our demo video for more information:

So far we've managed to; 

  • Get numerous mentions on national news.
  • Win a startup competition in Sydney's premiere startup hub, Fishburners.
  • Design and prototype the Adjustable Wedge Pillow, $200 hospital bed alternative.
  • Generate support from international organisations like Random Hacks of Kindness and Engineers Without Borders.
  • Generate interest from International Organisations in our $200 hospital bed - Our beds come in Cheaper and reduce incidence of disease more so than regular manual beds, and can even be deployed fast in disaster relief situations (its light weight ensures it can be carried like a backpack)!

And because we're a social enterprise - 100% of our profits go back to charity, towards medical research, and towards ensuring these beds get out to pensioners, and organisations who need them. 

To help launch this, and what we're doing, we're solving a few First World Problems first. And the first problem we're trying to solve? 

HeadPhone Discomfort Syndrome. 

And how are we fixing this? With... The HeadPhillow. 


The first and only pillow FOR YOUR HEADPHONES! 


Check it out! And look out for this - coming soon!

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